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Dedicated to preserving those special memories with a cinematic look.


​Whenever I have a camera in my hands the rest of the world dissolves away. I become singularly focused on the shapes and colors that dance in front of the lens. This is where I am most comfortable. This is where I thrive.​ As for accomplishments - I am a proud graduate of Florida State University where I earned my Bachelor's of Science, Cum Laude, in the field of Media Production. The majority of my college years were spent shooting FSU Football, among other sports. Since departing from academia I have operated a photo and video company that has enabled me to go on a nationwide tour with an International Blues Challenge runner-up, work with networks including National Geographic and Discovery Channel, and document dozens of couples saying, "I do." In my free time, I prefer to stay nestled at home with my beautiful wife, Miriam, and son, Isaac Danger. If I do so choose to venture out - you will find me in the forest without a cell phone signal photographing the various flora and fauna.​​

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